8 Steps to Correct Water Heater Maintenance

Efficient and well maintained water heater will insure you can have a low cost water and electric bill and meet your monthly budgets saving you money. Before the winter season begins I highly recommend following these 8 easy steps to tankless water heater maintenance to keep your system efficient throw the season to save you money. Its essential to-do this as during the year sediment build up is accumulated in your tank costing you in the long run and eventually rust build up will eat away your tank costing you more to replace. The water heater maintenance process is cheap all you need is a hose, bucket and gloves so there is no reason for not doing this.

Step 1: Find your water heater.

Usually in your garage or if in the UK in your loft.

Step 2: Gas or Electric?

Look around the tank find any any warnings and labels. If you are unable to find the source look for a pilot light this indicates you have a gas source.

Step 3: Find Water Shut Off Valve / Pressure Release Valve

The water drain is normally located at the bottom of your tank. The water shut off valve and pressure release valves are both at the top of the tank

Step 4: Turn Off the Heating

Turn off heating and gas to the water heater. save energy with this process you will not need to heat any water using this process.

Step 5: Turn Off Water Supply

Turn your water supply off and attach the hose to the water drain valve.

Step 6: Turn On Water Drain / Open Pressure Release Valve

Once ready you will need to turn your water drain and release water from the tank. This will release the water form within the tank but slow at this point open your pressure release valve the water flow will speed up. Wait 5 too 30 minutes to drain.

Step 7: Turn On the Water.

Remove the house and with the pressure release valve still open turn on the water to the main tank unit. And let the rest flow for another 5 minutes.

Step 8: Refill Tank

Close the water drain valve off. Close the pressure valve and begin to fill your tank with water via opening your mains water supply. Once all full you can turn on your gas supply and use as you would.

This is a relatively simple process but you can incur issues with leaks around the pressure valves so insure they are tight. If the leaking persists then there is a great resource at http://www.waterheatergeek.com be sure check them out and maintain regular maintenance to keep your tank working smooth.

Best Jobs to Finance Your College Education

10Their flexibility in schedules as well as the ample time they could allot to a job, college students are much preferred by businesses than regular job seekers.  Below are some of the ideal jobs for college students to embark and help finance their college education.

Massage, Salon or Spa Attendant. One of the most booming industry in the country today was the business on massage clinics, beauty salon and spa. Establishments catering for these service businesses are rapidly sprouting like mushrooms. College students are being trained and hired to render services to customers and clients due to the fact that college students can competently perform the job better asking only for allowances fees to help them sustain their college education whereas graduates of college courses would charge employers with full wages and all.

Fitness instructors. Apart from massage clinics and spas, gyms and fitness clubs were continuously training and hiring college students to be fitness instructors to assist their members and clientele.

Reception and Concierge. Due to the rise of local and international tourism, hotel businesses are also on the rise in hiring college level students to augment the shortage on their workforce.

Marketing Representatives.  MLMs as well as top marketing companies are on the lookout for fresh talents and they focus greatly on tapping the marketing skills among college level students.

Tutoring and Academic Assistance.  Due to their completed academic capacity, most college students are ably suited to act as tutors and teaching coaches to kids on primary and secondary education.

Work Study Sponsorship and Apprenticeship. One of the best benefit for a college student was to be able to land a job related to the course they were taking in college.  The government as well as universities all over the country offers and recommends their students to work on apprenticeship to enhance the students’ learning and practical application of their course.  The student in return shall get a fixed stipend or allowance for their assistance.

Security and Escort Detailing. As businesses keep up with the economy, the need for security officers were also on the rise with college students lining up to be hired and land a job for their college fund.

Dining Assistance. The biggest chunk of college level employment can be found in the roster of food and restaurant companies who continuously hire college students to comprise and augment manpower.

Online Freelancing. Since decades from the introduction of the internet, online jobs have become the bread and butter of many college students doing jobs from data entry, writing to social media assignments.

Students in college have greater chance to be hired by various institutions due to their fresh knowledge, upbeat optimism and excitement in landing a job and earn money for their keeps.  They can easily be trained due to their hunger and exploration of their skills and talents. And businesses benefits and demand more on them than fully experienced workers not only due to the level of fees in exchange for their services but also due to the fresh ideas they will contribute to the company.


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Budgeting 101 for College Students

9Being a college student could be a challenge in terms of taking control of yourself as you go about focusing on your studies to achieve your goals in life. College life will also be the time where you need to learn everything about life’s reality including how to handle your very own finances. If you are a person who was used in just getting your money from your mom and dad and spending them at your whim. Then maybe it’s high time for you to learn how budgeting can work for you as your best ally in handling your finances through college.

Make a list of your NEEDS and stick to it.  Every budget works around a list. Listing down the things you need to do and buy must be a habit.  But it’s not all making a list. Motivate yourself to stick to the list no matter what. Avoid adding up on the list things you just wanted out of your whims. The list must only include your necessities or NEEDS and not those you just wanted for.

Use cash instead of credit cards. Always remember that whenever you use your credit card it entails paying in interest and extra bank charges which are unnecessary for your budget. So, keep off from using your cards. Avoid being a compulsive buyer or a shopaholic and be a wise penny spender.

Always practice economic thrift spending and usage.  Try to consider borrowing things instead of buying, used or seconds instead of new ones, wholesale or bulk instead of single or retail buying.  Buying things on thrift shops and garage sales are wise options. Maximize the use of everything by selling used items instead of throwing them away.  Consider cost sharing with your friends or family members when buying things to avail of discounts and save money.

Consider ‘savings’ as an expense in the budget. For many people, savings is the outcome after all your spendings. Leaving it to be the least amount in the budget.  Changing this notion and making savings a part of the items to be budgeted would compel you to securely allot a portion of the budget money to save up.

Impose a Spending Day Off or No Spending Day. This will motivate and discipline you to stop spending and save up instead.

Add a contingency or Plan B fund.  Allotting money for emergencies and contingences will make you manage your budget well as you save for any rainy day.

Monitor your money matter transactions.  It is always wise to keep track of your budget and spendings by checking your transactions online or through the bank.  Keeping them always in your mind will not only offer you that safety cushion of knowing your money matters but will aid you in planning for your every money matters.

Remember that college expenses are no cheap and managing them through sound budgeting will not only make ends meet ends but likewise discipline you to properly handle your finances as you make yourself a wise financial budgeter of limited and small funds like college allowances and stipends. And will hone you up and easily budget on more funds once you graduated college and earn your own money from working on your chosen career.


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How High GPAs Could Pave Your Way through College

8GPAs are standards to indicate a student’s ethics, productivity and excellence in school. It’s not only that the schools are benefitting from high rankings on the academe for having students with high GPAs.  High GPAs benefit most the students in coping up with the lessons in school but greatly benefit them as they embark on their life career after college.  But did you know that maintaining those high GPAs can literally pay up your college fees. Here’s how:

Maintaining your high GPAs can earn you academic scholarship and grants from school which could free you from paying your school fees and earn allowances while in college.

  • High GPAs can be your ticket to compete and enter into academic contests that could let you earn cash prizes you can use to sustain your studies.
  • Keeping those high grades can secure you grants and scholarships from foundations, fellowships and other organizations seeking bright students as their goodwill ambassadors and represent them in their various endeavors.
  • As an excellent school achiever with high GPAs, you will be top listed on every opportunity you engage with and acquire other skills that will add up to your knowledge bank and secure a bright future.
  • Maintaining high GPAs serves as your ticket to retain your stay in the roster for merits and honors and earn you prestige and awards.
  • High GPSAs are your ticket in securing better school loans and additional perks.
  • High school ratings can serve as your proof of study excellence and help you easily be considered for apprenticeship and job offers.
  • Being in the honor list can serve for your school and other organizations for which you were listed as a scholar to recommend and refer you to various job opportunities and entry to big and prestigious high paying companies.

It pays to study well.

The rewards of maintaining a high GPA was every student’s ticket to pave their way and realize their college education as they level up to the next milestone in their life and achieve the career and goals in life they dream about. Your acquired knowledge, diligence, discipline and hard work as you breeze your way through your study life will pay well in realizing a bright future for you after college. The rewards are great. The possibilities are endless.


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